About Us

At Edcoda, we believe that every kid is designed for greatness in their own unique way. It is our vision to help them realize their potential. Realization in both:

1. Discovery of their potential
2. Achievement of their potential

The world kids live in today is filled with technology. So it is our mission to provide the technological tools to help them be the best they can be.

Their light bulb moments brighten our future.


Clarence Tan

Clarence has been developing games and e-learning platforms in the education space over the past 6 years. While still in university, he founded a game development startup with a couple friends where they developed educational games and casual mobile games. He had since then ventured out and started the current company, Edcoda, to launch his idea (Coda Quest) and focus solely on education.

He also plays guitar and is an avid rock climber.

Ali Ihsan

Ali has worked in game development and software architecture for over 15 years and brings a seasoned yet innovative approach to the Edcoda team. He’s worked on AAA-title games with companies such as BulkyPix and Dena (Japanese mobile game giant and partner of Nexon), with technologies such as machine learning, AR/VR, location-based applications, and both online multiplayer and single player infrastructures.

He’s also a Legend-rank player in Hearthstone (for those of you who know what that is).

Edna Martinson

Edna is an MBA graduate from University of Missouri – Kansas City and has worked in marketing for the past three years; her diverse experience ranges from marketing for higher education to large real estate firms. Besides marketing, she also has a passion for travel and music and child development.

Edna hopes to start an orphanage one day.

Keith Sin

Keith has been studying architecture for more than three years before deciding that graphics design is where his heart is. His eagerness to improve and get better every day has made him such an awesome addition to the team.

He loves photography and even develops his own film negatives from scratch!

Josh Mott

What is it like being the world’s best intern? Just ask Josh! He works with the game design, development, and also with fixing up those pesky little software bugs. Josh has a high interest in anything technology-related— from programming raspberry pis to imitate Alexa to building his own games on the side. He also loves golf and robotics!